Dining Rooms

The Dining Room: The Mealtime Living Room

The dining room—even the name says it isn’t just a place to eat. As a society, we eat in our car, on the run, at our desk, and standing next to the microwave trying to cool down the flaming hot contents of our pocket pizza. But we dine in the dining room. We set the table with china, crystal, silver, and linens or even styrofoam, plastic, and paper—but we know while we are in the dining room sitting straight and tall in the nice chairs up to the hardwood table, we will be dining.

In the dining room, we will say please and thank you while using the knife and fork properly. We will put the napkin in our lap, eat slowly, and enjoy this haven for home-cooked goodness that we now share with family and friends. We love the dining room. It is a living room for meals, where your Sunday best looks ordinary and good manners haven’t gone out of style.

We have obviously been carried away with nostalgia here, but no matter how you view your dining room, Skaggs Furniture has exactly what you are looking for. If your tastes lean to the elegant, we speak your language. The sheer beauty of a finely crafted hardwood table is a work of art for your home even when dinner is not served.