Kick Your Old Washer Out

You spend a lot of time with your washer and dryer. And while all of those little tricks you use to keep them in line (like kicking your washer three times before spinning around and clamping the lid shut), are endearing, isn’t about time you upgraded? At Skaggs, you’ll find top of the line washers with as many, or little, bells and whistles as you need.

You take great pride in the way you and your family look. With a new washer and dryer set you can spend more time enjoying their company and less time worrying about getting the ketchup stain out of your husbands shirt or the grass strains out of your son’s new pair of pants.

Come in today and browse our selection. We’ll help you find the right washer and dryer set for you at a price that won’t make your head spin. Speed Queen also offers the best warranty in the business. If you want commercial quality for your home, without all the bells and whistles of other brands, then Speed Queen is for you.

We’ll even take your old set off your hands; how’s that for easy?