Living Rooms

Your Living Room Should Express Who You Are

The living room is the heart of the modern home. It’s the room you let strangers see first, the one room you always keep clean and organized. It is your showroom window, the ideal you wish for every room in your home.

Away from the busyness of the kitchen, your living room is where you can relax and let yourself drift away in comfort and quiet. It’s the one room where magazines still exist, spread out neatly on the coffee table. Some people still prefer a formal living room while others may want something a little more laid back. No matter, we offer all styles and comfort levels.

Skaggs Furniture can help you turn your living room into a show place, a formal reception area for your friends and family. We offer manufacturers who offer unique materials and textures that will distinguish your living room as yours and yours alone. The room you envision could be so distinctive that it might even become its own conversation piece. Your friends will feel special that you have allowed them to share in the comfort of your home.

Or we can create a setting where the furniture invites comfort and relaxation, with special levers and buttons that transform a luxurious couch into a day spa for your tired body. This living room becomes a gathering place at the end of the day; a campfire setting where the only entertainment is family banter, laughter, and discussion. It can become the room where nobody is waiting on someone else; where all gather to hear the wit and wisdom of the family elders and the lively stories of the younger generation.

The operative word for this room is “living.” And no matter how you want to live, we can help you create the living room you desire.

Add that we deliver anywhere in the Magic Valley and you’ve got a pretty sweet deal.